What Will Happen If We Don’t Make A Change – Earth 2100


I was watching TV last night and I came across a show called Earth 2100. Te premise of the show was that if the human race continued on its current path, that there would be major catastrophe and possible extinction by the year 2100.

The show examined the effect of today’s pollution and depletion of natural resources. As we grow in population, the more we polute and the more resources we consume. Earth2100 used past civilizations such as the Roman Empire and Mayans as examples of expanding societies that outgrew their natural resources and basically went extinct.

For these previous civilizations, the solution was easy, move on…to new locations with more resources that hasn’t yet been polluted. Unfortunately for our current society that encompasses the entire earth this isn’t an option. Where would we go?

The scariest thing is that scientist say if we, as a human race, do not greatly decrease pollution and consumption of these natural resources by 2015 (9 years), that the damage we have initiated will be irreversible. A large part of making this “turn around” will be convincing China and India to cut back on the usage of fossil fuels. In a recent global summit, this was proposed to the two fast growing countries. China and India both said they would make the change if the Western world were to share its technology so that they could continue their rapid growth without the use of fossil fuels. Unfortunately, the U.S. and others would not agree to share technology.

Where does this leave us? For me scared out of my mind. Not that I’m going to be around in 2100, but what about my children and grandchildren?

You’ve already missed the show, but you can watch clips of it on their website including:

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  3. admin says:

    Although this is an older post, I still think some of the principals hold true. Only 89 years left to find out the truth!

    ... on July March 16th, 2011

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